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Finally getting something posted

So I had this illustration just about done when the hard drive of my laptop decided to give out. So now after 4 months I finally
got my files back and I was able finally finish it. So here for you inspiration some fic art.



Aug. 28th, 2010

Sorry if I shouldn't be postin' this here but I don't know how to get it shown otherwise.;;

Super Super Late Picture Under the Cut!Collapse )

Hope he likes it! <3


Mod Post: How Are the Fics Coming Along?

Hey, everyone, I was wondering how those fanfics were coming along for little Jack, the boy who lost his legs and has been confined to a wheelchair?  I've received one (fantastic) preliminary sketch so far, but no fics or any updates on how the fics are coming along.  I know people are busy during the summer, but I don't want the ball being dropped on this.  If you all could let me know how things are going?


Laura sends her deepest thank yous to everyone who has volunteered to work on this project and has given me some more details about Little Jack:

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If you are willing to write a fic, produce an illustration, beta a fic, or have a plot bunny for Little Jack, please leave a reply to the appropriate comment below.

Mod Post: Welcome

Hey, everyone, and welcome to Little Jack's Corner.  A friend of mine has told me about a little boy in her life that is eight years old.  A year ago he lost his legs and he will never be able to use artificial legs.  He will be confined to a wheelchair for life and he's had a really, really hard time adapting to his situation.  He adores Doctor Who and Rose Tyler in particular.  He's only seen seasons one and part of season two so far, but it's the one thing that is helping a little bit.

My friend asked if there was anyone I knew who would be willing to write a Doctor Who story for this little boy, using a character of a heroic little boy named Jack confined to some sort of fancy space age wheelchair, perhaps a flying one, who joins the Doctor and Rose for an adventure.  When I asked on my f-list if anyone would be willing to do this I got a lovely outpouring of support.  So much so that I decided to create this comm and redirect everyone who wants to be involved in this venture here.  Bear with me while I get this up and running.

I've left posting open and unmoderated.  All I ask is that posts remain g-rated and that this community remain a wank free zone.  Thank you.